SAC is an agency with the seat in the Czech Republic dedicated to the promotion of Czech technology in Latin America. SAC has been present in the Latin American market for almost two years being able to understand precisely the needs of local environment and to find the best technological solutions to satisfy them.


SAC has been working with prestigious Czech producers from the sector of industrial engineering, offering the highest quality standards and guarantees to local clients.


SAC is based on the transfer of traditional Czech know-how and technological products to clients in Latin America. The Czech Republic region has been a center of industrial and innovation development since the first half of the 19th century, being a key actor of the development of global engineering innovations. Our providers have been present on the market during this time, gaining a rich experience and mastery in the solutions of complicated projects in the sector of industrial engineering. The tradition, high quality of human capital, and the global success of our products is a guarantee for our clients that they will receive a complete solution for their needs on the level of both, product quality and additional services.

SA Connections s.r.o.


Husova 142

284 01 Kutná Hora

Czech Republic


tel: (+420) 721 128 679


IČO: 29415098

Account number: 2700365667/2010

Czech Republic office

Husova 142

284 01 Kutná Hora

Czech Republic

tel: (+420) 721 128 679


Ecuador office

Girasol 1-43 y Avenida Paucarbamba

Cuenca, Azuay, Ecuador

tel:  +593-(0)-74048644

Contact person: Martin Smetáček

Chief of Operations in South America

tel: +593-(0)-995579803 (ECU)

tel: (+420) 607 112 549 (CZ)