Who we are

SA Connections is the only Czech agency providing services dedicated to the promotion of international trade in Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, and Colombia with a team of professionals who are physically present in the destination.

The company was founded on the basis of the structure built by Martin Smetáček, who first worked in Bolivia in the commercial sphere and after that as a political consultant for the local government of the Canton of Cuenca in Ecuador. Along with the former colleagues of Martin and partners from the Czech Republic, we decided to build a company benefiting from the skills and experience gained by the individual members in both public and private sectors in the region. Our team


What we do

We provide services focused on the support of export of goods and services to the countries of South America. We facilitate the entry of Czech and Central European companies into the South American markets and we develop their businesses in the region. We also provide information on the conditions for foreign direct investment. More about our services


Why use our services

We perfectly know the local environment and we possess a wide range of information, contacts, and experience from the private, public, and academic spheres.


Our team

SA Connections is a team of permanent and project employees and collaborators working in different countries, who can, on the basis of perfect knowledge of the local environment, reliably meet the requirements of our clients. Contact us


Our mission

We are providers of services for trade and investment development in South America. Thanks to our personal presence in the region and the cooperation with local experts, we are able to act in the destination from the position of a domestic actor. The purpose of our work is to enable and facilitate the entry of foreign investors and commercial entities into local markets and to develop their activities with minimal input costs.


Our vision

Our long-term goal is to become the largest private company in the European market dedicated to business development in Latin America with the exclusion of Brazil. We believe that the economic potential of Latin America is going to be the subject of power competition of many countries in the 21st century, where the winners shall not only be the hard factors of world powers but especially the abilities of private economic actors. We want to actively participate in this competition in favor of the companies from the European Union.


Our values

Uniqueness, accuracy, quality, reliability, and goal-orientation

SA Connections s.r.o.


Husova 142

284 01 Kutná Hora

Czech Republic


tel: (+420) 721 128 679


IČO: 29415098

Account number: 2700365667/2010


Czech Republic office

SA Connections s.r.o.

Wratislavský palác

Tržiště 366/13

118 00 Praha 1

Czech Republic

tel: 00420 724 880 039


Ecuador office


Camino del Tejar, 3-24 y del Paltán

Cuenca - Ecuador

mobile phone: 09830 53643

Contact person

Martin Smetáček

General Director

tel: +593-(0)-995579803 (ECU)

tel: (+420) 607 112 549 (CZ)