After certain stabilization of the regional political environment in the 1990’s, Latin America has become a target of foreign investors. Latin America, economically the most developed of the three developing regions, offers a market of almost 600 million inhabitants. Positive factors such as the reduction of the frequency of military conflicts, the rise of civil governments and the strengthening of democratic institutions create stable conditions for the inflow of foreign capital. Rapidly growing population, functioning public sector, high literacy of the workforce as well as a wide range of natural resources give Latin America all the trumps to become a highly important actor in the international economic competition of the 21st  century.


SA Connections focuses on four countries of the Andean region of South America: Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, and Bolivia. The general characteristics of these countries show some common trends. While in the past the revenues from natural resources were used either to finance the military, or to enrich the local aristocratic structures, the current political conditions generate the need for public investment. Thus we have recently been witnessing throughout the region the rise of state programs focused on the development of infrastructure, transport, energetics as well as the environmental sector, which has been producing a strong demand for adequate technology, capital goods, and financial products.

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