Territorial information

1. Perfect knowledge of the local environment

2. Information about political, economic, and legal environment in the region

3. Information about current macro-economic development in the region

4. Providing information on the conditions of imports and exports of goods and services in the local market

5. Providing information on the conditions for foreign investment

6. Specifics and customs in the region – business manners, payment discipline, and payment conditions

7. Necessary information for market entry

8. Recommendation of the most appropriate distribution channels for your product's entry into the local market

9. Important information about the business environment, potential risks, and problematic aspects of the local market



Market research

1. A complete market analysis for your product - size, structure, potential

2. Analysis of target groups, needs, segmentation

3. Analysis of demand for your product

4. Basic price survey, affordability

5. Information about competition, substitute products

6. Providing marketing research = the basis for the right marketing strategy

7. Strategy recommendation



Marketing support in the region

1. Identification and approach of potential buyers

2. Presentation of your product to potential buyers

3. Distribution of your promotional materials to potential buyers

4. Ensuring effective ATL and BTL communication in the region – a comprehensive implementation of campaigns

5. Arranging participations in suitable trade fairs, invitations of potential buyers, organization of meetings



Legal assistance and information

1. Acquisition of necessary licenses and permits

2. Representation in administrative processes with public authorities

3. Help with regular paperwork

4. Assistance with the establishment of subsidiaries and local branches

5. Providing information on legal conditions and restrictions on imports

6. Customs and tax requirements

7. Solution of technical obstacles (certification, standards, registration of the product in the local market)

8. Possibilities of establishing subsidiaries, local branches; legal forms

9. Intermediation of legal consultation



Export opportunities

1. Search for export opportunities and investment incentives in the region

2. Overview of current tenders in the region

3. Assistance with participation in tenders, provision of tender documents

4. Providing information about companies and institutions interested in business relations

5. Information on the conditions for investment



Identification of customers and business partners

1. Finding and addressing suitable potential customers with regard to your target group

2. Identification and approach of potential distributor of your product

3. Intermediation of business negotiations, assistance, organization of presentations

4. Checking the creditworthiness of business contacts

5. Phone verification of contacts



Travel services

1. Organization of business trips (assistance, accommodation, flights, transfers, etc.)

2. Organization of international business missions



Complementary services in the region

1. Interpreting, translations

2. Assistance with business negotiations

3. HR - identification  of an appropriate representative in the region

4. Assistance with logistics, finding the most convenient solution

5. Dealing with routine formalities, assistance with administration

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